The Winederlust Trade is a wine company that help producers and distributors with their export/import needs. We offer global logistics and marketing services to help winemakers export their wines in new markets and distributors to find all their wines in just one place.

We are dedicated to discover exceptional wines that adapt to the preferences of the our importers market and meet their client´s needs.

In addition, it is important for us not only to build a portfolio of great products, but also long-term business relationships between professionals of the wine industry.

what drives us

Mission, Vision & Values

“Our purpose is help wineries to find new markets and distribuitors to find new wines. In this way, all together expand business opportunities throughout the world wine.”

Mission: Offer high quality products and services of export and marketing so that: CONSUMERS recommend the wines we export, PRODUCERS qualify us as the easiest way to export their products, IMPORTERS choose us to meet their customers´s need and make EMPLOYEES feel proud.

Vision: To be a leading company in the wine exportation to reach any market where our product can fit. 





meet the TEAM

We are an international team of highly motivated and creative professionals, who are always seeking market opportunities, marketing ideas and logistics solutions to help wineries and distribuitors to expand their business.

Amalia menéndez

International Business Manager 

MSc. Digital Marketing


riccardo cacciotti

Italy Country Manager

Sommelier & Fine Wine Consultant 


nikol kovani

Spain Country Manager

Wine Marketing Specialist


andrea nero

Visual Designer

Product Design